Vascular Imaging

Diabetes and other retinal vascular diseases are a major cause of vision loss.  AO retinal imaging provides highly accurate and reproducible measures of both structural changes to the vascular walls of arterioles, and functional measures of blood flow and neurovascular coupling between visual stimulation and blood flow. By taking advantage of the precision of AO imaging we can make highly reproducible and accurate measurements of changes to retinal microvessels.


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Video Examples

These are MP4 files of blood vessels with cells moving through them.  These are all human nonivasive imaging with near IR light.   The small moving items are red blood cells.  Feel free to use the videos, but please attribute them to our lab (the Progress in Retinal Research paper is fine since it summarizes the field as of 2018).   Burns, SA, Elsner, AE, Sapoznik, KR, Warner, RL, Gast, TJ, “Adaptive Optics Imaging of the Human Retina”, 2019; Progress in Retinal and Eye Research, Volume 68, January 2019, Pages 1-30 PMC6347528  

diabetes_stalled_flow (mp4)


NormalCapillaryFlow (mp4)


StalledCapillaryFlow (mp4)