Cone Structure and Function


  • Our lab first began measuring cone function using a technique for psychophysically measuring bleaching and regeneration of opsins, in the early 1980's.  Using this technique we were able to find changes in cone health, and also test models of light interaction with the cone photoreceptors.  The technique is based on the change in absorption spectrum of a pigment when present in quantity (Beer's law and self screening).  It is very sensitive and can even be used for dynamic measurements.  At the time very few labs could construct a high illuminance anomaloscope adequate for patient measurements, and it is only since about 2019 that people are starting to go back and become aware of the technique.
  • As we moved into more optical techniques for measurements we developed a technique that arose from Jean-Marie Gorrand and Francois Delori's work that allowed the measurement of cone directionality (the Stiles Crawford effect) by an all optical means.  This was further developed by Susana Marcos to allow estimation of cone spacing from the scattering of cones in the pupil plane.  We combined this work, with work that was being done in Ann Elsner's lab developing imaging based cone densitometry using the scanning laser ophthalmoscope (SLO).
  • Currently we use adaptive optics imaging to study the cones, combining our expertise in wavefront sensing and reflectometry with Ann's work on the SLO to generate unique AOSLO systems and characterizing cone packing in health and disease.

Psychophysical Measures of Cone bleaching and regeneration

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