Stephen A. Burns

Me, many years ago

School of Optometry Indiana University 800 E. Atwater Bloomington, IN, 47405

ORCID ID:  0000-0001-5348-035X 

Place of Birth Melrose, Massachusetts


  •  1972  B.S., Lehigh University
  •  1977  Ph.D., Biophysics The Ohio State University

Postdoctoral Training

  •  1977-1979 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Eye Research Laboratories,  The University of Chicago 

Academic Appointments:

  •  1972-1974 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Zoology, The Ohio  State University
  •  1974-1977 Research Assistant in Biophysics, The Ohio State  University
  •  1977-1979 Research Fellow in Ophthalmology, The University  of Chicago.
  •  1979-1980 Clinical Instructor in Ophthalmology, The  University of Pittsburgh
  •  1980-1984 Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, The  University of Pittsburgh 
  •  1984-1987 Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, The  University of Pittsburgh
  •  1987-1992 Associate Scientist, Eye Research  Institute
  •  1988-  200  Instructor, Department of Ophthalmology, Harvard University
  •  1992-  Senior Scientist, Schepens Eye Research Institute
  •  1993-  97 Associate Director, Schepens Eye Research Institute
  •  2000-2005 Associate Professor in Ophthalmology, Harvard  University Medical School
  •  2004-2005 Visiting Professor, School of Optometry, Indiana  University
  •  2005-  Professor of Optometry, Indiana University

Awards and Honors

Other Professional Positions

  •  1979-1987   Directed Visual Testing Service for the Eye and  Ear Hospital of Pittsburgh
  •  1987-1989   Director of Psychophysics, The Retina  Associates
  •  2000-  2004  Member, Visual Sciences C (BDPE) Study Section, Center for Scientific  Review, NIH 
  • 2000- 2003  Member, Fight for Sight Review Panel 
  • 2001- 2004  Consultant, Ophthalmic Devices Panel, Food and  Drug Administration. 
  • 2004- 2009  Member, Ophthalmic Devices Panel,  FDA. 
  • 2008-  2014  Chair, Research Affairs Committee, Indiana University,  Bloomington 
  • 2011-2013 Board of Directors, Optical Society of  America 
  • 2013-2015 Vice Chair, Scientists Admittance Subcommittee,  AAO 
  • 2015-2017 Chair, Long Term Publication Planning, Optical  Society of America   
  • 2018-2021 Chair Editorial Ethics Subcommittee, Optical Society of America
  • 2019- Member, Board of Trustees, Association for Research in Vision And Ophthalmology
  • 2019-202 Chair, Scientists Admittance Subcommittee,  AAO 


  • 1993  Fellow, Optical Society of America 
  • 2006  Fellow, American Academy of Optometry 
  • 2008   Fellow, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (Gold  2014) 
  • 2010   Tillyer Medal, Optical Society of America 


  • 1978-  Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology 
  • 1978-  The Optical Society of America
  •  1986-  International Research Group on Color Vision Deficiencies 
  •  1983-1987 University of Pittsburgh Center for Neuroscience  
  •  1983-1987 University of Pittsburgh Biomedical Engineering  Group 

Editorial Boards and Reviewing

  •  1987-1992 Co-Editor for Applied Optics feature issues  on "Noninvasive Assessment of the Visual System"
  • 1992-1993 Co-Editor for Journal of the Optical Society of  America A feature issue on "Noninvasive Assessment of the Visual  System"
  • 1995-1996 Co-Editor for Applied Optics feature issues  on "Optical Technology in Biology and Medicine". 1995-1998 Associate Editor in charge of Biomedical Optics,  Applied Optics
  • 1999-2003 Editor for Visual Optics and Clinical  Optics, The Journal of the Optical Society of America
  •  2003-2009    Editor, Journal of the Optical Society  A. 
  • 2009  Editorial Board, Advances in Optics and  Photonics 
  • 2011  Chair, Publications Council, Optical Society of  America 
  • 2012-2014 Guest Editor, Optical Engineering 
  • 2013- Editorial Board, Vision Research


  • Webb, R.H. Burns, SA. Penney, M, "Coaxial Spatially Resolved Refractometer" United States Patent 6,000,800, 1999.
  • Webb, R.H. Burns, SA. Penney, M, "Coaxial Spatially Resolved Refractometer" United States Patent 6,099,125 2000.
  • Burns, SA, Webb, RH “Methods and Apparatus for Measurement and Correction of Optical Aberration” 6,486,943, 2002.
  • Elsner; AE.; Burns; SA; Dreher; AW; Webb, RH.” Imaging apparatus and methods for near simultaneous observation of directly scattered light and multiply scattered light” United States Patent 6,640,124, 2003
  • Hammer, DX, Ferguson RD, Mujat, M, Patel, AH, Iftemia NV, Burns SA, “Multifunctional Adaptive Optics Retinal Imaging”, patent 20140247425, 2014 

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Research Funding Information

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  • 1987-1988 Lions Club Principal   Investigator, "Psychophysics Program"
  •  1991-92 The Teubert Trust Principal   Investigator, "Photoreceptor   Alignment" 
  •  1992-1994 The Hearst Foundation.Investigator,   "Macular Degeneration Research Center"
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  •  1997-2001 Department of   Energy Co-Investigator,   "Center of Excellence in Laser Medicine" 
  •  1998- SERI, Career enhancement award Principal   Investigator “Optical Image   Processing”  
  • 1998-2002 NEI EY12178   SBIR, Phase I and II Consultant, "Early Detection of   Age-related Macular Degeneration by MSLT,” 
  •  1999-2002 Emory Vision Correction Center Consultant "Development of   a next generation spatially resolved refractometer."
  •  2000-2002 Ministerio de Asuntos   Exteriores (Fulbright Foundation Grant)  Co-Principal Investigators “Técnicas de las células fotoreceptoras y   alta resolución de imágenes retinianas en dégeneration”
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  • 2005 2007-2009 012-2015 NEI   – SBIR, Phase 1 and Phase 2, 
  • Phase   2b Consultant on “Long   Stroke Wavefront Correctors for Retinal Imaging”, Paul Bierden PI, Boston   Micromachines, Inc.
  •  2003-2013 NEI   – RO1 EY14375   Bioengineering Partnership Local Principal Investigator, Adaptive Optics Instrumentation for Advanced Ophthalmic   Imaging. (Subcontract PI, David   Williams overall PI)
  •  2013 Fight   for Sight Summer Student Fellowship to Jake Hillard
  • 2012-2015 NEI-   R44 EY016295  Local Principal Investigator “Adaptive   Optics Retinal Imaging In A Clinical Setting Using Long Stroke Wavefront” (Paul Bierden, PI Boston Micromachines).
  •  2009-2016 NEI-   P30EY019008 Principle Investigator, Core grant for   Vision Science at Indiana University. 
  •  1982-2016 NEI-   RO1 EY04395  Principal Investigator, "Investigations of Human Cone Pigment Kinetics" 
  •  2015-2017 NEI   R41 EY026105  Co-Investigator, Lowering   the Cost of Imaging for Retinal Microvasculature in Diabetic Patients Elsner   (PI)    
  •  1987-2016 NEI R01 EYO7624 Co-Investigator, "Spatial   Extent of Retinal Damage" Ann E. Elsner PI
  •  2013-2016 Foundation Fighting Blindness Principal Investigator, Rapid Clinical Evaluation of Photoreceptors using high throughput Adaptive Optics
  •  2014-2022 NEI   EY024542 Co-investigator,    “3D RNFL Structure and High-resolution   Perimetry for Assessing Glaucomatous   Damage" PI Bill Swanson
  •  2014-2019 NEI R01 EY024315 Principal   Investigator “Adaptive Optics Imaging of Human Retinal Vascular Structure and Function”
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  • 2017-2020 NEI EY028135 Co-investigator   “Glaucomatous Damage To Retinal Nerve Fiber Bundles” PI Bill Swanson 9/1/2017-8/31/2020    
  •  2018-2020 NEI R44EY024186  Co-investigator “Confocal and Autofluorescence Imaging of Macular Degeneration using a   Low Cost Digital Imager”  Muller (PI)   4/01/2018-3/31/2020
  •  2018-2019 1R41EY28499-A1  Co-Investigator “Tissue   Oxygenation in Small Retinal Vessels” Elsner (PI)
  •  2019 R41 EY030829  Co-Investigator “Visual acuity   and functional measurements in the aging eye” Elsner (PI)
  •  2019-2021 Alcon Senior Investigator Award Principal Investigator, Adaptive Optics Imaging of the Human Outflow   Pathway.
  •  2019-20 NEI R01 EY024315 Principal   Investigator “Adaptive Optics Imaging of Human Retinal Vascular Structure and Function”