Adaptive Optics Systems

In recent years the Burns group has developed four  different adaptive optics systems.  These include one capable of performing  real-time polarimetric imaging of the human retina ; one optimized for small  clinical instrumentation, developed in collaboration with Boston Micromachines  Corp., and now being deployed at Joslin Diabetes Center; our main system which  uses dual deformable mirrors to allow imaging individuals with large refractive  errors over a large field of view; and a new system that allows precise  measurement of blood velocity as well as using programmable apertures using DLP  technology.  This system, by having a final stage of the optics which provides  almost 30 degrees of view of the retina, allows us to use clinical images taken  with traditional low resolution devices such as the Heidelberg Spectralis, and  quickly deploy our high resolution images to the regions of most  interest.

Some have asked for more information on our system so I put in two files in the download section below.  One is from the Frontiers in Optics meeting, 2017, which is an eposter in powerpoint (EPOsterFIO_2017.pptx).  Simply start the slideshow and then click on interesting topics.  The other is an SPIE paper ( Burns_Adaptive Optics Systems for Vision Science_Paper_1_1_2018 ). 


Basic System

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